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  1. Application Overview
  2. An Exemption or 25% discount may be awarded where, all/all but one, of the residents of a property are full time students by completing the following Student Application. Please note, where all residents are students, each student MUST complete an application to allow the application for exemption and/or discount to be considered.
  3. If you are attending University of West of Scotland (UWS) we have a data sharing agreement with the University and will be able to verify your status without the requirement for further evidence. However, you must also complete the request for verification via the UWS self service facility to allow the information to be passed to us. Click here to UWS Verify
  4. However, if you are attending any other college/university, you will still require to complete the application and arrange for a student certificate to confirm your status. This certificate can either be provided by the college/university you are attending or you can download a certificate here and arrange for this to be completed by the college/university. Click here to download
  5. Your certificate MUST be returned within 28 days to allow your application for exemption or discount to be assessed. Failure to return will result in no discount or exemption being awarded.
  6. Completed certificates can be returned to any of the Customer Service Centres at Ayr, Troon, Prestwick and Girvan or can be emailed to
  7. I confirm that I have read this statement and that I will provide the additional information if this is required.
  8. Please proceed with application.
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