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Counterfeit Cigarettes Report
Overall form progress: 50% Complete
  1. Name of illegal tobacco seller (including any aliases the seller may use)
  1. Description of illegal tobacco seller (approximate age, gender, body build, colour of hair and any features that may identify them)
  1. Brands of tobacco or cigarettes being sold
  1. Price charged for the tobacco and cigarettes
  1. Quantities that the seller carries
  1. How is the illegal tobacco being sold?
  2. If from a car (the make, colour and registration if available)
  3. If from a house (the address)
  1. Specific location where the seller is selling
  2. If other please give details
  3. The days of the week and times of day when the illegal tobacco is sold
  1. Do you know where the seller gets their supply of illegal tobacco or cigarettes?
  2. Does the caller suspect that tobacco or cigarettes to be counterfeit or smuggled?
  3. If counterfeit, what makes them think they are counterfeit?
  1. Any other information that they can add to help identify and catch the seller selling illegal tobacco or cigarettes
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